What I Believe

This blog will talk about my personal weight loss journey, and lessons I have been learning about food, and my continual pursuit of freedom in my relationship with food and weight.  My, the lessons never end! I am a Christ-follower, and I have found ALL the answers to my lifelong struggle with food through my relationship with Jesus and God.

Some of you reading may not be religious, and may be unfamiliar with God.  I want to introduce you to him. He can help you with any fear, burden, struggle, or problem you may have.  He wants to help you and give you life so that you may be whole. Here are some additional things I have learned while on this weight journey:


God has designed the human body with two sensations that allow us to maintain an ideal body weight – hunger and satiety, more commonly known as fullness.

Learning to adhere to these sensations will be an important step in allowing you to maintain your ideal body weight and will have undeniable health benefits.

The journey to weight freedom is the culmination of several important choices, which include practicing health behaviors in the following areas: physical activity, food choice, adhering to biological signals of hunger and fullness, meal planning, emotional self-care (eg., not using food as a way to manage life’s challenges), and regular weighing.

Eating healthy foods and engaging in regular physical exercise are important components of taking care of the body that God has given you. If, however, you have been eating outside of hunger and overeating, you may find incredible benefit in slowing the journey down, and beginning to adhere to these signals.

I believe God can help you achieve our ultimate goal—freedom.   I want to help you make your first steps and introduce or reintroduce your heart to God.  Welcome to Freedom Chasers!

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