A Thanksgiving Blessing: 5 Tips to help you NOT Gain the Weight this Holiday Season

Think of me as your best friend who was sent from above to help you NOT gain those 5-10 lbs. that are usually associated with the holiday season.  It DOES not have to be like that this year! I write to you as one who has definitely BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, and WILL NOT beContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Blessing: 5 Tips to help you NOT Gain the Weight this Holiday Season”

Just eat right – please.

So, I’m here again.  Yes, writing another entry about weight loss.  I really thought I was done with these entries, but somehow, we’re back.  (sigh). For the past few months, I have seen the scale go up, and I have not seen the weight come off.  Not that I haven’t been trying.  I’ve been workingContinue reading “Just eat right – please.”

How do I get started losing weight (part 2)?

Now that we have established your foundation (How do I get started losing weight?)*, the next most important thing can be best explained by the metaphor of a STOP sign. I think it is fair to say that many of us drive, and encounter our share of “STOP” signs on a regular basis.  By now,Continue reading “How do I get started losing weight (part 2)?”

Sick of Being in the Same Place

“What growth is being stunted because you won’t embrace a discipline for fear of the sacrifice it will require? Steven Furtick, Crash the Chatterbox Can anyone relate to this? This quote makes me cringe just a little.  I think it’s because of that “D” word again – discipline. I don’t ever want to be disciplinedContinue reading “Sick of Being in the Same Place”