Learning to Prioritize My WHOLE Health

It means so much when we can see the impact of our health behaviors. You change your diet, and you notice the scale move. You increase your physical activity, and you notice you are getting stronger, and your clothes are fitting better. It’s rewarding to see that it matters. But, what if you are inContinue reading “Learning to Prioritize My WHOLE Health”

CHOOSING a new relationship with food

Every day I have to choose. Every day. I have to remind myself-not the old way. No longer. You have been raised to life in Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ that lives within me. Some days are harder than others. Especially during COVID-19. I remember and I still experience theContinue reading “CHOOSING a new relationship with food”

Six Tools to Help you Manage your Eating during COVID-19

Friends, these are crazy, crazy times. I have been steadily learning how to stay a float during COVID-19. Extra time is rare these days. Between homeschooling, caring for a newborn, and trying to work my full-time job, I do not have a lot of time to be worried or super-focused on my weight and eating.Continue reading “Six Tools to Help you Manage your Eating during COVID-19”

Learning how to MEASURE progress

“I don’t feel like I am making progress.” Isn’t that how this weight journey typically begins? So often, our progress is invisible to us. In my experience, the beginning is SLOW. I often feel like I have lots of false starts. I often measure my progress by the scale. If the scale is going down,Continue reading “Learning how to MEASURE progress”