Learning how to MEASURE progress

“I don’t feel like I am making progress.” Isn’t that how this weight journey typically begins? So often, our progress is invisible to us. In my experience, the beginning is SLOW. I often feel like I have lots of false starts. I often measure my progress by the scale. If the scale is going down,Continue reading “Learning how to MEASURE progress”

Why I am losing weight

When making a behavior change, we often discuss the importance of finding your “why.” I think we just need a focal point, a factor that motivates after the intrinsic motivation wears thin. There are several reasons why I have decided to take this weight loss journey, yet again. I write because I know I’ll needContinue reading “Why I am losing weight”

Six steps to keep you moving in your weight loss goals

It has been a long road, friends.  I have been SO TIRED of being on my weight loss grind. It has been over a year since I have had my head firmly planted in the realm of “I need to lose weight, and I MUST do something about it NOW”. . Since moving my bagsContinue reading “Six steps to keep you moving in your weight loss goals”