Trying out Daily Weighing

This weight loss journey is NEVER boring! My . . .

So, recently, I have decided to weigh myself every day. For most of my life, I have heard that daily weighing is a “no-no” and can cause you to be over-concerned about the number on the scale, and may impact you psychologically (e.g. make you obsess). I have learned that, for me, I must get on the scale at least once per week. In the past, when my weight would fluctuate more, I noticed that I would gain weight far more quickly if I did not weigh myself on a regular basis. I learned – I’ve got to make myself look, even if I’m scared of the result (at least once a week).

Well, since I started school, I’ve been learning about all the positive benefits of daily weighing. I finally decided to give it a try. I have weighed myself every day for the last 7 days. One thing I learned quickly- no more hiding. Yup. I used to hide from the scale when I ate out, or ate things that I knew were high in calories. I would only weigh on days that were “good” days. I know – don’t judge me, lol. Well, now that I weigh every day, I see which days are actually good and which days could use some improvement. I can watch the scale actually change every day. Watching hasn’t made me crazy. In fact, I believe that now I am more informed about what is happening, and now have enough information to pinpoint when any potential damage to my weight loss goals occurred.

Here is an example: You all know how I have been lamenting for the last year about my lack of weight loss. Sigh. While I have seen some recent improvement (!), the weight loss has been very, very slow. Well, now that I am weighing daily, I realize that much of my hard work is undone over the weekend. Yup. I had a fun weekend off, and was able to watch the scale go up, and then see it take ALL week to come back down, LOL. All that work – the 6am exercise, the salad, no cookies, no pizza, less bread – undone in 2 days. Um, really? I have to admit – that reality stung a bit.

I am still trying to process this morning. And if I’m being honest, I’m not sure if I will keep up daily weighing despite seeing its benefits. Its almost too much information. Despite my feelings though, I can’t deny how interesting it was to see the process of my weight change. What say you? Weigh daily or not?

One thought on “Trying out Daily Weighing

  1. You have me thinking about getting the scale out just for my edification. This will be a good activity for me.

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