She’s BUILDING a Brick House

brick houseHere is a hard truth for people who consistently have weight issues to except: exercise is going to have to be a part of your life if you want to maintain a healthy weight long-term. I think this is something I knew, but really, really hoped I could be exempted from! Ha! The thought of exercising consistently over my lifetime seems like a little too much. Like, as in forever. No end. As long as I have breath in my body. Wow.

This week, I went to the gym 3 times and walked with Matthias twice. I think that is most exercise I have done since I was in high school and was on the basketball team. I was active more days than not. And honestly, I had to drag myself to the gym. There was no joy in making the decision to go; I just knew it was something I had to become disciplined about. The same discipline I put toward my relationship with God, or in doing my work, I need to apply to exercise. It is and will have to be a part of my life.

So often, my view of exercise has been as a tool to help me lose weight. Once the weight has been lost, its importance was negotiable. I could easily sleep in a little longer, or skip a couple gym sessions if something more important came up ( that seemed to always happen). But in reality, exercise needs to be something that is more than a tool, but a building block that is seen as essential to being a healthy person. If I don’t exercise regularly, there is a higher likelihood of eventual weight gain.

My new goal is to build “brick houses” with the choices I make in my life – strong, firm establishments that will last for generations to come. I look at Matthias and I really don’t want him to have a weight problem. Really. So, you know what that means? I’m going to have to get up and model to him what it looks like to live a healthy life with the combination of my relationship with Jesus, a healthy relationship with food, and taking good physical care of my body. Help me Lord! Lots of work to do. How are you doing building your weight loss house?

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