Learning to Use your Appetite as your Guide: Tip #2

2.  When you receive a hunger pain – EAT

 If you are accustomed to dieting, you have learned that being hungry is a good thing. However, if you are trying to be obedient and learn how to trust the signals that God has placed in you, you must abide by your hunger signals. When you physically feel hungry, you should try to eat. Avoiding your hunger for fear of eating only creates more difficulty for you. Outside of times of fasting, eating when hungry is a good thing. Sometimes you may get this hunger signal “after 7 PM at night.” If you are really hungry, eat. You might have to step out on faith for this one, but hunger = need for food. Depriving yourself will not be helpful. If you stop when you are satisfied in full, you will be fine. Test God, and see for yourself.


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