So you want to lose weight?!

Welcome to our blog! This video is a short introduction to the exciting things you can expect! Tell your friends, family, and everyone you know!

-the sisters…

7 thoughts on “So you want to lose weight?!

  1. This is so wonderful! I want to follow this blog and join in this process of honoring God with my body, but also following His divine truths in through the process..
    Blessings to you and your Sister!

    keep my posted!!!

    1. Thanks Demi! I will definitely keep you posted! Blessings to you as you begin the journey, don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need some encouragement, we are in this thing together!

  2. Ladies, I think what you are doing is terrific. I am so proud of you for taking on such a task. It sounds like the sharing of your testimonies will be a blessing to many people. Thank you for having the holy boldness to take up this ministry. My prayers go with you.

  3. My daughters are smart and godly women . With their brains and looks they could be doing so many things which would not bring glory to God but they have chosen to use God’s word to encourage women and men on the proper way to manage their weight. Their Christ-minded mother has taught them well. You would be wise to listen to them.

  4. Ok, I’ll give this a try. I say this very nervously, almost reluctantly, because I have lost weight and gained it back so many times. I love to eat, and as long as the food is tasty, I’ll take that second or third helping, promising myself (deceiving myself) that I’ll do better tomorrow.

    We’ll see what happens if I only eat when I’m hungry. That sounds so sensible — why haven’t I tried that already?

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