4 thoughts on “I need to lose weight…

  1. Okay…Elizabeth, I’m just so amazed/proud/thrilled/and in love with you doing this. Thank you for sharing so honestly. And for seeing such deeper levels in what’s going on. I was starting to give up after all the pregnancy weight I’ve been left with. And now I’ve come across your blog and I have a renewed desire to do this. But to actually eat what my body needs. Your honesty helped me see what control food has over me. And that reminder – that your mind is hungry – wow, I’m so realizing that now. Thank you for doing this. You’ve inspired me and helped me re-think things and I am SO grateful! LOVE!!!

    1. It really warms my heart that you are connecting with what we have to say on this blog. Sometimes its the simple things that are the hardest to do…I know I have been at this for quite some time and finally have yielded to God’s work in my life. Thank you for reading! and please keep me updated on how your doing!

  2. Liz, don’t feel bad about gaining weight. I’ve gained 10 pounds since I got married and they haven’t budged. As life moves forward it’s really hard to prioritize physical health/make it a habit.

    Right now I’m in the midst of trying to change how I live my life to prioritize my health. It’s tough. I’ll be checking your blog for inspiration and tips!

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